Coronavirus turns the world into hell! Hit Europe in the heart

All schools and universities in Italy were closed until mid-March. In Europe, the first cases were recorded in Poland, Argentina and Chile in South America, the first death in Iraq. In Iran, where the Minister of Industry caught coronavirus, it is stated that the epidemic has spread to all cities. While sharing information that this week’s Friday prayers were canceled in all state centers in the country, it was claimed that the First Deputy of Spiritual, İshak Cihangiri, was also infected. After a coronavirus emerged in a high school student watching a football game in Israel , more than 1000 people were given quarantine orders. Saudi Arabia also banned the hope of its citizens.

Coronavirus turns the world into hell Hit Europe in the heart
Coronavirus turns the world into hell Hit Europe in the heart

China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Singapore, Switzerland, Kuwait, England, Wales, Bahrain, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Norway, Iraq, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Austria, Vietnam, Iceland, Belgium, Lebanon, Israel, Oman, San Marino, Denmark, Croatia, Qatar, Ecuador, Greece, India, Finland, Czechia, Algeria, Pakistan, Mexico, Romania, Portugal, Georgia, Russia, Philippines Azerbaijan, Ireland, Indonesia, Senegal, Estonia, New Zealand, Brazil, Egypt, Afghanistan, Lithuania, Nepal, Luxembourg, Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Argentina, Nigeria, Jordan, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Morocco , Cambodia, Belarus, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Poland. New countries are added to the list every day, now in 79 countries worldwidecoronavirus case has been detected. The number of cases on earth has exceeded 93 thousand, and the loss of life has exceeded 3,200. More than 50 thousand people have recovered so far.

17.40: Israel closes its doors to Europe due to coronavirus. Tel Aviv administration has announced that those who will enter the country from Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and Austria will be quarantined.

17.35: BBC: Incidents in the UK rose 34 to 85 in one day.

17.20: Images of those attacking the Singapore student appeared on suspicion of ‘coronavirus’ in London, the capital of England.

British police shared security video footage of four people who carried out the racist attack on Oxford Street. Detectives want those who see them to inform the police.

23-year-old Singapore student Jonathan Mok’s fractures had formed on his face after the attack.
Similar racist attacks took place in Italy and other European countries.
17.15: Football matches are also canceled in Iran, which is increasingly disconnected from the world.

17.10: IMF: The coronavirus outbreak is a serious threat to the world economy. More than a third of IMF members were affected by coronavirus. Coronavirus shock was unusual, affecting supply and demand, limiting mobility.

17.05: The second case of coronavirus appeared at the EU office in Brussels, the capital of Belgium!

16.50: In Iran, government officials and bureaucrats are banned from leaving the country until a second announcement. The employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are excluded.

16.45: Approximately one thousand people are under quarantine in Tunisia, North Africa, where the first case of coronavirus was detected. Those kept in quarantine are those arriving in Tunisia from Italy by cruise.

16.00: All schools and universities were closed in Italy until mid-March. The Roman administration also plans to close all public events, cinemas and theaters due to the coronavirus outbreak.

15.55: Saudi Arabia, which banned Umrah from abroad last week, announced that it has brought the same ban to its citizens today.

15.15: This week, Friday prayers will not be held in mosques due to coronavirus in Iran.

15:00: The IranWire news site claims that the coronavirus test result of İshak Cihangiri, the First Vice President of President Hasan Ruhani, was positive and treated.

14:13: The Italian Government is considering closing all schools across the country to prevent the spread of the outbreak, but no clear decision has yet been made.

14:08: First coronavirus case seen in the EU office in Brussels!

14.00: Loss of life in Iran increased to 92, 586 new cases were detected.

13.40: Quarantine orders were given to thousands of fans after the coronavirus was found in a young supporter who went to a football match in Israel. The Haaretz newspaper reports that approximately 1150 high school students will be kept in quarantine in their homes.

13.00 Iranian President Hasan Ruhani: The coronavirus outbreak is spread to almost all provinces.

12.05: 44 new coronavirus cases have been identified in Germany, the number of patients in the country has increased from 196 to 240.
1.30: In thelast-minute statement from theChinese Medical Association, itwas stated that the coronavirus’s healing time was 5 to 7 days, and this period increased to a maximum of 14 days. The association’s statement alsomentioned that some coronavirus patients who were discharged inWuhan and Hubei saw positive virus tests again in their subsequent examinations. In the statement made by the association, it was reported that there was no evidence that people who had positive tests again infected the virus.

11.20: The first death from coronavirus occurred in Iraq. A 63-year-old man died in Sulaymaniyah, under the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).
Local media reports that the man, who was the imam, went to the hospital today after his health deteriorated, but could not be saved. It was reported in the news that the imam whose name was not shared had a heart condition and had three surgeries before.

10.30: It has been announced that Iranian Minister of Industry and Trade Rıza Rahmani also caught a new type of coronavirus. According to the Asriran news site, the situation of Rahmani, who was taken to the intensive care unit by being transferred to another hospital from Tehran Imam Khomeini Hospital, where he was treated, is better than the previous days.

10.10: The first coronavirus case in the Eastern European country Poland is registered.

10.00: The British press reports that the social life in the country will be suspended for three months with the coronavirus measures brought by the London administration. Accordingly, contact will be avoided in schools and workplaces, meals to be eaten outside, pub visits and events will stop.

09.45: New figures are announced in Japan, including the luxury cruise ship. Accordingly, the number of those caught in coronavirus has exceeded 1000. 296 cases were identified in the mainland of Japan, while there are 706 patients on the cruise ship Diamond Princess.
08.20: The coronavirus test applied to 15 Italians in India was positive, and the test of six tourists was negative.
06.55: Kazakhstan closed its port in the Caspian Sea for the use of ships carrying Iranian and Azerbaijani passengers.

05:30: South Korea’s Moon Jae-in Turkey, and United Arab Emirates has canceled his visit to Egypt.

04.40: The speed of virus spread gradually in mainland China. The Beijing administration announced that 119 new patients were identified and 80 thousand 270 cases were attempted to be treated. In China, 38 more patients died in the last 24 hours, andsince the emergence ofCovid-19 , there have been2,981 deaths.

04.15: 516 new cases have been identified in South Korea, where Covid-19 is now the fastest growing country, with a total number of patients reaching 5,328. 32 casualties have been recorded in South Korea.

02.35: US Vice President Mike Pence has announced that everyone coming to the USA from Italy and South Korea is being screened.

00.10: Ireland confirms second coronavirus case, patient reportedly traveling to Italy.

00.00: The World Bank has announced that it has allocated $ 12 billion to developing countries, where the coronavirus epidemic has reached. The emergency package includes low-cost loans, grants and technical assistance.

The World Bank’s move came after warnings that the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus could put some countries into stagnation. The aid package envisions improving the public health capacities of countries, as well as working with the private sector to reduce their economic impact.

“What we are trying to do is to restrict the spread of the disease. The important thing is to act quickly. We need to be quick to save lives. Scenarios that may require more resources are on the agenda. We will adapt our approach and resources properly,” said World Bank Group President David Malpass.

The organization said that the poorest and at-risk countries will be prioritized and aid will be distributed to combat the effects of the virus, which has affected more than 70 countries so far.

Half of the money in the aid package will come from the World Bank’s private finance International Finance Company. 4 billion dollars of the 12 billion dollar package will be transferred from the funds available.

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