Assam Flood: 4 lives saved from flooded river, more than 40 thousand people still affected by floods in Assam

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Assam Flood: The situation worsened by the floods in Assam is improving, but still 40, 700 people are affected by the floods. Meanwhile, due to the rise in the water level of the Nangal Bhanga river in the Chirang district of the state, the bridge built on it, which was made of bamboo, was washed away. During this, 4 people were present on the bridge, who got trapped. He was rescued by the local people after hard work. The water level of the river has increased significantly due to incessant rains for the last few days.

Cachar and Morigaon are most affected

According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), more than 40,000 people have been affected in the Cachar and Morigaon districts of the state. The most affected village in Morigaon, where 30 thousand 400 people have been damaged by the floods. According to the information, at present around 137 villages of the state have been submerged. At the same time, 6,029.50 hectares of agricultural land have been submerged. A total of 38 people have died in the state this year due to floods and landslides.

Assam Flood: Flood situation is improving in Assam, four more people died, about three lakh people affected

Assam is affected by floods every year

The state of Assam experiences floods every year. The way the Kosi river is called the mourning of Bihar, in the same way, the Brahmaputra can be called the mourning of Assam, although this time the situation has been more affected by the floods in the local rivers. Embankment work in Assam has also been done in recent years. Every year the government and administration take their measures to avoid floods, but when the floods increase, lives get affected. Loss of life and property is the story of this state every year.

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