6 tricks of Google Drive to improve your productivity


How to filter searches, make a copy of the cell phone files or access the service without an internet connection. Gaining time making better use of the service is the goal.

In the coming weeks, all storage plans in Google Drive will have another name: Google One. Available in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, the service will expand the storage plan of each user. The change will not affect G Suite customers, a toolkit focused on companies and the educational environment.

In paid or free version (which starts at 15GB), Drive allows you to store, create, work and share files of different formats in the cloud. There are 6 tricks that can optimize the service experience, improving user productivity.

Filter searches

In the search engine at the top of Google Drive, there is a button with an arrow. By clicking, it is possible to see a panel of search options to filter the results. What is it for?

Users with a lot of information stored for years, for example, can order their searches and make them faster and more effective.

Search by name and file type, modification date and file owner, among other possibilities. In addition, you can search for documents shared with a certain person.

Attach files or links

In Gmail, there is a small Drive icon in the bottom of the email drafting window. It allows you to attach files stored in the tool or send a link.

For Google Drive formats, the user only has the possibility to send a link to the file. In the case of images, Office formats or a PDF, for example, they can be sent as attachments or links.

The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to share files heavier than the Gmail limit of 25GB.

Backup your phone

In the Google Drive app, in Settings, backup copies can be saved. It is possible to backup contacts, or photos and videos of the cell phone, through this option.

The process can take hours, depending on the storage of each user, so it is advisable to do it at night. The device must be charging and connected to wifi.

Synchronize folders, on PC or Mac

It is possible that the Google Drive folder appears on your desktop, instead of accessing it from the browser. The user must install the Drive app for Mac or PC. Then, go to Preferences / Synchronization Options.

In this way, you can synchronize the folder My Drive (complete) or some subfolders or files that are inside it.

Comment Office files

One of the new options of Drive is the possibility of making comments in Microsoft Office files. It is not necessary to convert a Word document, for example (or use an extension), to Doc in order to comment.

Then, it is possible to open a Word document, a sheet in Excel, or a PowerPoint presentation, and add comments directly to the file. In the taskbar, in Insert, you have the option to Comment. It can also be found by right clicking.

Comments will be viewed from Google Drive or in the Microsoft program used by the other person.

Access without internet connection

One of the most interesting options of Google Drive is the possibility of working documents offline. When reconnecting to the internet, the service will synchronize the changes made.

To be able to use this function it is necessary to establish the offline access, from the Google Docs Offline extension. Then, you must enter in Drive, to Configuration and select, in the Offline section, the option Synchronization without connection.

To open and edit files offline, first, you must enter the user’s Google account, using the Chrome browser. Also, the incognito mode should not be used and it is essential to have enough free space in the device to store files.

Bonus track

Another very used function is the possibility of converting a Docs file to PDF format. On the other hand, from the mobile version, there are features that are not available in the desktop version.

For example, from the cell phone, it is possible to scan a document (taking a photo) so that Drive converts its content to text. In the New option, you have to choose the function Use camera.

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