At night and from San Lázaro PAN launches a challenge to Morena: “they are not going to win this reform”

Christina d'souza
Christina d'souza
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At Night And From San Lazaro Pan Launches A Challenge To Morena They Are Not Going To Win This Reform
At night and from San Lazaro PAN launches a challenge to Morena they are not going to win this reform

At 11:15 a.m., the PAN parliamentary group, in the Chamber of Deputies, bet on the plenary sessions to reiterate that whatever the date, ” they are not going to win this (electric) reform .”

This was stated by the coordinator of that bench, Jorge Romero, accompanied by the other 112 legislators that make up the group.

“We were summoned for tomorrow to make one of the most important decisions in this country. Morena, unilaterally imposing themselves, decided to change the date, they did it because they know that they will not win this reform,” said the coordinator.

He argued that sooner or later, the moment of the vote will come, and the PAN will give the debate.

He also added, “it is false that you are endorsing the project presented by the Vapor México coalition .”

“National Action is here to defend you, woman, man, boy, girl, grandmother, grandfather, for that they have National Action,” he concluded, while his companions shouted “National Action, national action, national action. Long live Mexico! !”

Jorge Triana, the vice-coordinator of the caucus, warned: “They want there to be missing deputies from the opposition, this is not going to happen, they are not going to intimidate us, we are going to win this vote and we are going to block the way for this nonsense of the government and of Andrés Manuel López Obrador “, and announced that they will spend the night from Saturday for the session on Sunday.

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