21st Century Communism

21st Century Communism
21st Century Communism

In the 21st century, communism can not survive without the makeup of the elections.

Fidel Castro told Hugo Chávez, while Mario Vargas Llosa, by the way, compared the gesticulations of the Venezuelan jester caudillo, speaking in public, with those of Benito Mussolini.

It is not a question of the new communists, when they are installed in the power, to call electoral simulations in the totalitarian style. According to Fidel Castro’s teachings that he could no longer attend to, these were acceptable choices for Western democratic scales, and then, if necessary, to prepare, bargain and manipulate them to certify the victory of the communist party, which, of course, Another name, for after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the evidence of the Soviet catastrophe had to be erased the denomination deprived.

Hugo Chavez understood it very well and won the elections he called with sometimes altering the results according to his conveniences, as denounced by independent Venezuelan analysts.

The dictator Maduro has not been so lucky. He is politician, vociferous and threatening. Their manipulations have been distinguished by the clumsiness and the brazenness. Having lost the legislative elections in an undisguised way, he has gone to the farce of a constituent assembly to displace the legitimate representatives of the Venezuelan people, in addition to throwing against them to the Supreme Court and to implement the most gross legal tricks.

The world today attends without stupefaction or surprise to the circus organized by the dictator to crush the opposition through a trick that has provoked the repulsion of the democratic world. Maduro favors the reaction of the Trump disproportionate because many nations are agitated in the spite, often unjustified, against the first power of the world.

Cuba, Korea and Vietnam, for example, can not disguise themselves as democracies after so many anchored years in communist totalitarianism. China is something else. It has incorporated the capitalist formula of private property and free trade, but maintained political control through the single party founded by the ultimate revolutionary of the twenty-first century: Mao Tse-tung. And to me that the current Chinese situation vaguely reminds me of the Spain of the National Movement …

The dictator Maduro has unleashed the class struggle in Venezuela. It speaks openly of the clash between rich and poor, while in the image and likeness of Cuba, is creating the new class on which Milovan Djilas wrote lucidly. And he seems willing to do everything, to distort the elections to nausea and to keep up with the arms if he can not do it with the votes. Until now, with the unreachable help of Cuban activists, it remains in the machito. “If you do not plant a part of the Army, there will be no way to get rid of it,” a sagacious Venezuelan, exiled to Spain, told me. But it would be better to find another formula. The military doctor who is called urgently, usually stays in bed. Let them tell Franco or Pinochet.

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Written by Geekybar

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.


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