100% Marvel: Mockingbird. Integral. Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk

Much has been said about this comic. Very much. The day that the cover of one of her numbers, in which Bobbi Morse appeared on the beach with a T-shirt that read “Ask me about my feminist agenda”, social networks burned, flying the criticisms and the messages of support towards its authors. The funny thing is that, as always happens in these cases, practically none of those people who either cackled about whether the comic was politically correct or had to go to the market scarcely if it had read. And, we live in the information age, an era in which we can fortunately express ourselves freely and convey our opinion throughout the world, which sadly sometimes has a little annoying consequences, such as having to listen to messages and points which, in my opinion, are nothing more than noise.
So, the purpose of this review, to avoid the annoying noise that I have just mentioned, is to talk about Burlesque comic book, and what it means for Marvel and mainstream comics in general and for the reader, at least since my humble point of view.

Having made this brief introduction, let us turn to the object of this text. Bobbi Morse had so far been a second-rate character within Marvel, with appearances in the latest events of the publisher, but none of them remarkable. The sad reality is that, if in some opinion forum he wondered who Bobbi Morse was, the answer was rather laconic: “The ex-wife of Hawkeye.” And so it was, the greatest quality by which we could describe this SHIELD Agent in her own right with a branch of the superseded serum in her veins was that she had been married to an Avenger.

100% Marvel: Mockingbird. Integral. Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk
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Well, from that premise, and thanks to the renewed fame that the TV series Agents of SHIELD had given the character, Chelsea Cain (well-known novelist best seller with this comic makes its first foray into the ninth art) gives her own vision of the character, a vision that is deeply upset because her own achievements are not recognized, but only to have been “the woman of.”
From there, she builds a funny story in which Bird Burlón (sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of her ex-husband Clint Burton, or his friend with Hunter benefits) plays different missions for SHIELD, facing fun medical evaluations at the end of each one.

In each and every one of these missions, which even lead her to stroll through the event of the Second Civil War of Superheroes, Bobbi is the one who has the singing voice, and the men, when she allows them to accompany her, are rather annoying compares which in most cases hinder their work. Yes, this may upset many, that there are men who see their manhood hurt, but we must not forget that this is a satire that tries to show us how women have been shown not only in the comic but in virtually all media of entertainment for decades.

Mockingbird #2, Story: Chelsea Cain Art: Kate Niemczyk
Preview: Mockingbird #2, Story: Chelsea Cain Art: Kate Niemczyk Covers: Joëlle Jones, Nen Chang, Kirbi Fagan & Pasqual Ferry Publisher: Marvel Publication …© Pinterest

However, that is the best thing we can attribute to this comic. Its value as a feminist piece (understood feminism as equality between men and women, i.e as what it really is) in the middle. And is that his script is repetitive and often boring, trying to force the humor on a few occasions, which is a pity, since this comic could have been much more, having potential to spare for it. Nevertheless, I will break more than a spear in favor of the writer, who does not know the medium and that in this great time that we are living in which Marvel bets on diversity, offers us a fresh and different comic strip that away from everything what we are accustomed as readers.

As for the drawing of Kate Niemczkc (also first in this comic), this is undoubtedly the one that takes the outstanding. And it is that presents a Bobbi Morse in sensual but not lascivious ways, with a hypnotizing movement when the scenes of action are drawn, and of firmness when calmness is given, especially highlighting the original compositions of the medical reports of SHIELD or some other surprise that I will not disclose.

In short, this is a comic that may not be an essential work of art, but it is necessary, in giving a society as backward in that respect as the American, a leading role for women, something I hope to see more times, as I hope to see this duo as a whole, and that this is the first time of many in which its authors dare to the world of mainstream comics.

What do you think?

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