Let’s see if James noticed: The sensual mole found in Daniela Ospina

Many Comments Reached Daniela Ospina About A Mole That Was Found On Her Body.

In social networks, many users noticed a sensual mole that Daniela Ospina has, from a photo she published and got a lot of comments, for that detail that attracted attention.

The model and businesswoman, also remembered because she was a partner of James Rodríguez and the mother of her daughter Salomé, uploaded an image of her in a bathing suit to her Instagram account, showing her back and the message “What are your plans for this holiday weekend?

Just in that photo, many people realized that Daniela has a mole on her right buttock, which sometimes goes unnoticed but her followers did not overlook it, sending her many comments, the vast majority of compliments.

Instagram :

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Many commented on things like “What a beautiful mole”, “Woman’s beauty”, “Lindaaa Dani”, “Divine”, “Beautiful, Dani”, “You are as you want”, “Nice that mole” and “What a great body”.


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