Johnny, the son of Jenni Rivera, tattoos the face of his sister Chiquis Rivera

Jhonny López sees his sister Chiquis as a second mother, since she took care of him when Jenni Rivera, mother of both, died

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Mexico. Jhonny Rivera , son of the late singer Jenni Rivera and brother of Chiquis Rivera , had the latter’s face tattooed on his arm and shared it through a video on Twitter.

Jhonny not only loves Chiquis, but he also admires her, and as proof of this he decided to tataurize her face and this as a form of gratitude, since she has always taken care of him.

Chiquis took care of Jhonny when her mother, the singer Jenni Rivera, was absent, and in several interviews she has said that she sees in her the image of a second mother, that is why she loves and respects her.

Juan Ángel López Rivera is the full name of Johnny, and he is Jenni’s youngest son, and as can be seen, in the tattoo that was made highlights the face of his famous sister Chiquis.

This tattoo was made by Johnny during 2019, but users on social networks have relived the moment in which the young man tattooed the aforementioned image.

Let’s remember that Johnny was also launched as a singer with the song Chicajo Jalisciense, but he received strong criticism for doing so, since there were those who told him that he did not sing and had not inherited his mother’s talent.

However, Johnny has quite a few followers on Instagram, he also likes to share images of his daily life in which he always has Jenni, his mother, and of course, Chiquis in mind.

Jhonny is currently 19 years old and he was 10 when the plane accident in which Jenni his mother died, in the Sierra de Nuevo León, happened in December 2012.

Johnny, the son of Jenni Rivera, tattoos the face of his sister Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera and Jhonny his younger brother. Instagram photo

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