Why does the death of a baby within the womb occur?

Specialists in gynecology absolve the doubts about this delicate issue, in which the physical theme would be fine, but not the emotional

Specialists in gynecology absolve the doubts about this delicate issue in which the physical theme would be fine but not the emotional
Specialists in gynecology absolve the doubts about this delicate issue in which the physical theme would be fine but not the emotional

Recently the case of a pregnant woman who denounced the waitof the Maternal Perinatal Institute of Lima  for the theft of her deceased baby inside her womb  a week ago aroused many doubts in concerns about the subject. 

There are two specialists who answered Diario Correo about the delicate issue.

The gynecologist  Alida Oblitas, of the Ricardo Palma Clinic,commented that the prenatal control part of the ultrasound, to be able to listen to the beats of the heart of the unborn (embryo or fetus, depends on the trimester). It is from week 20 that the mother can self-detect the movements of her baby in the womb.

Ultrasound as the primary control in the three trimesters of pregnancy coincides with the gynecologist Jorge Arias of the Anglo Americana Clinic.

How to detect problems in the unborn and a possibility of loss in pregnancy?

The gynecologist Alida Oblitas said that  there are multiple causes that motivate the death of an unborn child,  in the first trimester congenital and ovular malformations, in the second trimester there are other types of malformations,  and as for the third trimester the causes of the losses are never known , also known as  idiopathic causes, which make up 70% of pregnancy interruptions at that stage, as well as certain incompatible pathologies, such as in diabetic pregnant women, with which the risk that the baby ovites (stop feeling inside the womb maternal).

The gynecologist Jorge Arias states that  in the first semester the loss is due to chromosomal problems , that the heart stops beating and that it does not reach natural evolution, and its detection is through a genetic evaluation study in week 11 to detect problems chromosomal, if there is high risk in pregnancy, the patient is offered invasive tests and diagnosis, and if the patient has less than 10 weeks of gestation and had previous losses, a study is proposed to know the reason for the losses.

In the second trimester of a pregnancy, the loss of the fetus will be due to congenital malformations, or infectious causes, the detection is given by mapping the ultrasound to the unborn child.

If the third trimester was reached and there are losses in pregnancy, we are facing a placental problem, the placenta ages rapidly, because it provides oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.

The doctor detects the healthy signs in the pregnant woman, and she can ask the percentile to the ultrasound that goes from rating of 10 to 90 to see normal growth of her baby, if the percentile score is in five, the Doppler study will be requested,What would opt for the doctor’s criterion is to rescue the baby in 8 months of gestation, but if the low score is in 7 months, the health professional would decide that the fetus is kept as long as possible, due to its development.

So can you keep a deceased baby inside your mother’s womb?

For the director of the Maternal Perinatal Institute of Lima, Enrique Guevara, a woman can take up to 30 days a dead baby in her womb. He commented on the Milagros Leiva program at ATV.

For gynecologist Alida Oblitas, if the baby dies inside the womb, the baby may be in the womb longer because there are no risk factors. It also coincides with the gynecologist Jorge Arias, because the uterus is a sterile compartment, while there is no bleeding or opening of the uterus.

However, both specialists agree that the mother, although physically stable, emotionally would not be very well. The illusion of the arrival of a baby, the loss of it, and the wait for the extraction shake the emotional state of the pregnant woman.

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