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When we realized how incredibly powerful well-defined eyebrows can be when it comes to marking our features, our makeup routine changed forever.

This turning point made us aware that the fine eyebrows that were worn in the 90s and 2000s have no place these days and recovering the hair of our natural eyebrow has become a vital mission.

Many women opt for micro pigmentation to achieve that populated eyebrow effect, but what is micro pigmentation? “Micro pigmentation involves the introduction of hypoallergenic pigments into the epidermis to perform a” permanent “but not permanent” makeup. “

Currently the hyper realism of 3D eyebrows or eyebrows is the most innovative and advanced treatment to be able to do Micro pigmentation of Eyebrows. It consists of making a hair by hair, being able to use several colors and even shadows to give greater realism and naturalness. 

In Andalusia there are very few centers that provide this service. It is a painless process, which in some cases, depending on the pain threshold of each person may feel a little discomfort, but fully bearable. 

The per-customized design is carried out completely, through a study of visaism and agreed with the opinion of the client, so that work is not started until the person is satisfied. We always work by default, that is, color and prudent form to see how the skin reacts and also so that the person adapts to his new image, although the final result always exceeds expectations. 

The duration of a correct micro pigmentation of eyebrows, in depth and legislated pigments, usually lasts between one and two years , but multiple factors such as intensity and color selected, immune response, skin type, sun exposure, optimal aftercare, etc …

It is important to consider before you realize ourselves treatment of this kind, the experience of technical both in technique and colorimetry, the materials used is legislated and carried out in any aesthetic medical clinic , because it is fundamentally a scrupulous hygiene. 

All of the above is essential for a satisfactory result, without risks to our health and our image, which is finally what we wanted to improve. 

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