Yuliett Torres visits Chichen Itza and with a spicy outfit raised sighs

Yuliett Torres 9
Yuliett Torres 9

Yuliett Torres decided to learn a little more about the Kukulkan temple in the archaeological zone of Chichén Itza, located in the Yucatán Peninsula as it is one of the most iconic sites in the place. The model decided to feel the atmosphere of this historic place and with a comfortable blue outfit she arrived like a Goddess, all the inhabitants who were in that area stopped looking only at the El Castillo pyramid, but also at the influencer who causes fury wherever she goes.

The pyramid design looked more beautiful than it is when the admirable Yuliett Torres came to be in front of him to do what he does best in life besides practicing her exercise routines, posing in a captivating way to make her identity even more recognized in the Yucatan Peninsula who had the fortune to witness from a very small distance the brand new figure that the internet star has managed to show off, based on good nutrition and demanding arm and leg routines.

Yuliett appeared with exaggeratedly short garments that managed to shape her amazing ‘treasures’ and a little more than what is contemplated by an athletic body that makes one feel the anxiety to turn to see, as well as her perfect angel’s gaze that beings from the other world created to that ‘Yuly’ came to this planet to conquer thousands of hearts, both in the present body and from Monday to Sunday, after being constant on her official Instagram account to upload better content.

The wonderful model requested free space to make the pyramid of the Kukulkan temple her own for a few hours, as she put on a super production to enjoy an endearing outdoor photo session in front of her work team, and in front of hundreds of visitors who gathered to this Chichen Itza, whose trip was special and unique, because nobody believed that Yuliett Torres would appear in that region with a lot of glamor and finesse that caused an uproar in social networks.

The camera captured endless photographs that later would be presented on her social profile, which increases a large number of ‘followers’ both from our country and abroad. Yuliett Torres appears like a queen when she wants to, but this time she exceeded the limits and of course, they achieved an accumulation of interactions that her photos roamed the internet, and her number of ‘fans’ increased to ten million, a new record for Miss 26 years old… Congratulations!

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