Yanet García raises the temperature of the networks by showing off her natural body

Yanet Garcia in bikniii
Yanet Garcia in bikniii

The Aztec model made it clear that she owns an impressive image. Yanet García paralyzes the networks by sharing a new video on her official accounts.

With this audiovisual material, the talented Mexican model demonstrated the great popularity that she has in the virtual world. The great beauty that she has of hers and her statuesque body played a fundamental role in the clip.

Yanet Garcia99

The post that Yanet García made can be seen in the famous Instagram stories . However, these can only be seen for 24 hours. The video shows the healthiest profile of the influencer born in the city of Monterrey. In it, she can be seen wearing a sports outfit that is characterized by being fitted to her body.

The outfit chosen by Yanet García is made up of a top and pants in pink tones. The previously mentioned characteristic exalted the beauty of the actress and the perfect figure that she has at 32 years of age. She is a certified health coach so she constantly posts this type of content.

Yanet Garcias8

Next to the clip you can read an extensive sentence that begins like this: “Health is not just about losing a few kilos or the absence of a chronic disease, it is about feeling good, appearing and giving your best gifts to the world” , was what the ex-girl of the weather declared.

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Yanet García’s daily routine and tips for a better brain:

  • eat healthy fats 
  • Optimize protein 
  • Eat colorful plant foods 
  • Avoid sugar and processed carbohydrates 
  • move the body
  • relax and calm the mind 

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