Who is the mask? 2021: Meet the winner and finalists of the third season

There were 18 characters who participated in this season, but ‘El Apache’ turned out to be the big winner of the third season.

Mask 1
The Apache | Photo: @ quélamascara / Instagram

The third season of the program “Who is the mask?” came to an end this Sunday, December 19, where we were finally able to discover who “El Apache”, “La Gitana”, and “La Hueva” were.

There were 18 characters who participated in this season, but “El Apache” turned out to be the big winner and under his mask was nothing more and nothing less than Kalimba.

The moment I entered the character I said: ‘I have to show you who I really am, I wanted Apache to be the winner to tell people, the world is going to hit you one day, but just love each other, love life, said the former leader of OV7.


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The second place turned out to be “La Gitana”, who revealed her identity, being Gala Montes the one who confused Juanpa Zurita, Carlos Rivera, Yuri, and Mónica Huarte with her Colombian and Spanish accents.

Mask 2
Photo: @ Quélamascara / Instagram

In addition, the third place was “La Hueva”, who was Emilio Osorio, the son of Juan Osorio and Niurka Marcos.

Mask 3 Scaled
Photo: @ Quélamascara / Instagram

In the final, there was also the “Man of Stone”, who turned out to be Gloria Trevi and was on the program to present her most recent single.

However, the beautiful singer burst into tears when she discovered her identity as she remembered her beginnings as a singer.

The guest artists who were with the finalists were Pandora, Flans, and Reik.

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