Where did Vicco and Alejandro Sanz first meet?

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Alejandro Sanz
Alejandro Sanz

While Vicco is currently enjoying success with “Nochentera,” his proposal at this year’s Benidorm Fest, his musical career began many years ago with a great of Spanish pop, Alejandro Sanz, and has included multiple connections to Eurovision.

She remarks, “That was an American film from which I have yet to recover.” Back then, the Catalan’s name was not Vicco, but rather Victoria Riba, and she was a music-obsessed high school student.

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She had previously performed in a band called Carpanta with her sisters and two friends, but instead of singing, she played the keyboard because the lead singer suffered from severe stage fright and avoided center stage at all costs.

He reveals his emotional connection to the performance by saying, “In the first concert we did at my school, I cried before going up,” in Euroverm. Eventually, he overcame his reluctance to perform on his own and began posting videos of himself singing on YouTube. One of those live shows is directly responsible for bringing him into contact with Alejandro Sanz.

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Musician Alejandro Sanz, who is considered Vicco’s “godfather”

That occurred in roughly 2013. Vicco reflects, “I sang at an event at my institute, in Sant Jordi. A girl in the crowd approached him and made a proposition without hesitation: “My dad has devoted his life to music. So far, I’ve been really into your work. Whether you’d like, you can provide me materials I can use to train him and see if he can be of assistance “.

That’s what she did; Vicco forwarded her YouTube link, and a few days later, her boyfriend’s dad got in touch. He told her, “I have forwarded your movies to Alejandro, a very good friend of mine.” Unfortunately for Vicco, Alejandro, about whom he provided no further information, was in fact Alejandro Sanz.

After a couple of days, he told her who he was and that he was a big fan of her musician. He decided to financially back me so I could pursue music professionally, as Vicco reveals now.

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The lyrics to one of his songs are permanently inked on his body.

Her debut album, titled Mrame, was released under the stage name Victoria Riba in 2015. Earlier on, she took the advice of the “Corazón parto” singer, whom she now considers a mentor: she began writing music.

Vicco was one of the composers of “Muérdeme,” which placed second in the 2019 Eurovision pre-selection, and later went on to write music for Edurne, Chenoa, Soraya, and Maria Escarmiento, who was also set to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest with one of his songs.

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He now recalls his “first meeting with the professional world” as follows: “He invited me to open his Sirope tour, seven gigs.” Her career as an interpreter began in this way.

Vicco always brings Alejandro Sanz along, despite the fact that Sanz hasn’t written to him since the news of his attendance at the Benidorm Fest spread. He has the words “When nobody sees me, my skin does not limit me” tattooed on his back.

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