What happened when Chiquis Rivera invited a prominent rapper to her program

Chiquis Rivera 3
Chiquis Rivera 3

Chiquis Rivera was a special guest on “Chiquis & Chill” after the incredible connection that emerged between her and Snow Tha Product, and she explained the big change she made in music.

Snow Tha Product, a prominent American composer with Latin roots, has been sailing with both flags throughout her artistic career, because her father is Mexican, she grew up with Mexican culture, and her wonderful humor and flow has made that portion its essence.


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Chiquis Rivera was recently on her show, displaying wonderful chemistry between the two outstanding musicians, despite a significant variance in their techniques and the genres to which they each contribute.

Now, the interpreter of “Queen Bee” chooses to bring Snow Tha Product to her weekly podcast “Chiquis & Chill” to have a somewhat more serious and personal chat, as opposed to the theme that exists in the podcast of the native of San José, resulting in some major discoveries.


“Yeah, basically yes…” “…I didn’t think I would get very far when I named myself “Snow Tha Product”…” “…Yeah, it comes from Snow White because my friend from high school who is a great singer, (Kristell, the friend, used to pun on her name when it came to princesses) So the princess that I was is Snow White, that’s when the “Snow” stuck, eventually I added her the “Tha Product” as a reference, apart from the fact that Disney would not like an artist named “Snow White”


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addressed the question that most of her admirers have in mind, the narrative behind ” Snow Tha Product “, to which the famous rapper replied very seriously that she has a lot to do with Snow White, whose name is English. is “Snow White,” she revealed.


But, it was not the only fantastic confession of the night, as the rapper revealed to Chiquis Rivera that her beginnings in music were doing mariachi and singing rancheras because her father is a traditionalist when it comes to this, which is what prompted her to do.


CLICKING HERE you can listen to the complete podcast.

On the other hand, she had a fantastic rebellious moment, so she instantly went to rap as a method of being rebellious and advocating for what she truly desired.

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