What Happened to ‘Stoned Alone’? Ryan Reynolds’ Supposed Reboot: What You Need to Know About It

“Is Stoned Alone Cancelled?” has been a common question since Ryan Reynolds made the statement. To learn more, continue reading.

Ryan Reynolds Pays Hilarious Tribute To The Late Burt Reynolds
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A lot of people have been wondering, “Is Stoned Alone Cancelled?” after Ryan Reynolds made an announcement regarding the movie but didn’t follow through on his promise. For as long as it has been known, press stories from all over the world have either claimed or denied that a film is in the works. To address the question, “Is Stoned Alone cancelled?”


Getting High Alone
Adult Home Alone was first revealed by Ryan Reynolds in 2018, with the protagonist character being much older than Macauly Culkin’s Kevin McCallister and having a strong interest in cannabis, and the film is expected to be released in 2019. According to what we know, the picture was renamed Stoned Alone over time. According to IMDb, Augustine Frizzell, director of A Ghost Story, was going to direct and Kevin Burrows, screenwriter of The Package, was meant to create the script. According to an article on, the Stoned Alone movie was even meant to be co-produced by Fox, the production company that also sponsored Reynolds’ Deadpool series of films. Later, John Huges even labelled Reynolds rendition of his Holiday classic an affront to film one year after its release.


As far as I know, there has been no follow-up from those who made the statement back in 2018. Many individuals, months later, attributed the remark to one of Ryan Reynolds’ many internet pranks. After the film earned its own IMDb page, the news garnered a sliver of credibility. IMDb describes Stoned Alone as a narrative about an adult who imagines scenarios similar to those in the Home Alone series of films after spending some quiet time alone on Christmas. Then, forty-eight hours ago, a Twitter user tweeted a banner announcing the Netflix premiere of Stoned Alone. The Netflix poster for Stoned Alone can be viewed here.


I can’t wait to get my hands on this when it hits stores tomorrow!

Auds Visuals (@AudsVisualsToo) 24th of December, 2020

In the wake of news, a slew of fan art has been created by people on social media platforms. YouTube even has a fan-made trailer for Stoned Alone. For many fan-made trailers like this one, the video below serves as a visual depiction of what Stoned Alone will feature and look like. A shortened version of the official Stoned Alone trailer may be seen here.

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