Verónica Perasso with a string thong looks extreme because of how fitted she looks

Leena Wadia
Leena Wadia
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With String Thong Veronica Perasso Hits With Mega Body
With string thong Veronica Perasso hits with mega body

Verónica Perasso, 23 years old, was seen in the most extreme way by her fans by posing with a dental floss thong with which she had a mega body of a goddess.

It was in her Instagram story, where the model posed like a true goddess, but that’s not all, as she used the best poses to give her loyal fans the best view. In the video we can see the model originally from Venezuela, but who lives in Texas aboard a yacht where she appears upside down and tanning her spectacular figure.

What also catches the attention of this girl are the tattoos that she carries and that is that there are some very small ones she has near her hips, making it clear that she has a lot of sensuality.

And it is that over the months the fame of Verónica Perasso has been increasing more and more due to the content that she shares on her Instagram account where she is a star. If you take a look at the social networks of the Venezuelan you can see that her likes range from 90 to 150 thousand likes, making it clear that she is very famous.

Another of the things for which this woman is very loved is because they hate those who accuse her of having cosmetic surgeries and do not care about her, because it does not affect her at all.

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