Verónica Perasso models her sensational red swimsuit from behind on Instagram

Currently, Perasso’s publication already exceeds 265 thousand likes.

Veronica Perasso e1645545132760
Veronica Perasso e1645545132760

This Monday, Verónica Perasso decided to start the week leaving her Instagram followers open-mouthed, after publishing three photos with a striking red swimsuit.

In the first image, the model appears from behind, revealing her sensational rear, which is covered in oil.

For the second photo, Veronica stands facing us, allowing us to appreciate her great charms, as well as her sculptured abdomen, while she pulls one of the laces of her swimsuit from the top.

Verónica Perasso
Verónica Perasso

Finally, the American appears from behind again, but this time from inside a pool, taking a selfie, while someone takes the snapshot from behind.

Within her post, Perasso left a description that reads “Since in my last reels I look pale… I will spend the whole day in the pool until I tan.”

Verónica Perasso
Verónica Perasso

Currently, Perasso‘s publication already exceeds 265 thousand likes, and the comment box is full of compliments from her loving fans.


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