This is the reason why Shakira is linked with Chris Evans

Shakira is going through strong rumors of separation with her partner Gerard Piqué and it seems that the protagonist of Captain America has already had his eye on her.

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Pique

The 45-year-old Colombian singer Shakira has just launched a new work project and it is about her participation as a jury in the reality show “Dancing With Myself”, for the NBC network. Along with this she began a tour of some European countries and attended the renowned Cannes festival.

The truth is that at this time Shakira is in the media spotlight due to strong rumors of separation from her partner, Gerard Piqué, who allegedly would have been unfaithful to her and she would have discovered him red-handed. It is not the first time that they have faced this type of situation and so far none have referred to the subject publicly.
Shakira’s fans are turned on on social networks and conclude it in addition to paying attention to all the details of the singer. One of the statements is that the lyrics of the song ‘I congratulate you that she has just released with Rauw Alejandro talk about acting that the couple has been doing for some time.

This is the reason why Shakira is linked with Chris Evans

Another thing that caught the attention of Shakira’s fans is that she never used to leave Barcelona so as not to get away from her two children, Sasha and Milan, and now she did it for a long period. She also wore a sensual and low-cut black dress in Cannes that made her look, like a goddess.

But what completely set off the alarms of the singer’s followers is that given the possibility that Shakira is single, the actor Chris Evans began to follow her on the social network of the camera, and she reacted in the same way and now The protagonist of Captain America unfollowed him. Are we facing a new flirtation?

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Written by Rachita Salian


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