The ‘Euphoria’ and Zendaya is not at all a glorification of drugs

Zendaya in a scene from Euphoria courtesy of HBO Max
Zendaya in a scene from Euphoria courtesy of HBO Max

Euphoria was never an easy series to watch. The portrait of adolescence cracked by drug addiction, lack of self-esteem, gaslighting and the traumas of life, at an age not mature enough to face them, make up the dramatic arcs of a magnificent but raw series. . And in its sixth episode, which premieres Monday, Zendaya not only returns to display the great talent that Hollywood is missing, but we witness the most frenetic and emotional showdown yet. And that has not gone unnoticed by anyone.

DARE, an American educational program against drugs, violence, and dangerous behavior, lashed out at the series criticizing it for “glorifying the consumption” of drugs and Zendaya has not been silent. And after devouring this series from day one, I couldn’t agree with her more.

A representative of said organization criticized the series telling TMZ  in late January that ” instead of promoting the desire of every parent to keep their children safe from the potentially horrific consequences of drug abuse and other high-risk behaviors, the HBO’s television drama Euphoria wrongly chooses to glorify and misrepresent high school student drug use, addiction and anonymous sex, violence and other destructive behavior so common and pervasive in today’s world .” A reflection that, by the way, several adults have poured into networks since the premiere of the first season in 2019. What’s more, they described as “unfortunate” that many of us applaud the series, defining it as “innovative”.

However, those who follow the series every week know very well that the opposite is true. And his star has come forward to make it clear by stating that the series does not intend to teach anyone how to live his life. “ Our show is in no way a morality tale to teach people how to live their lives or what they should be doing. If anything, the sentiment behind ‘Euphoria,’ or whatever we’ve always been trying to do, is to help people feel a little less alone in their experience and their pain,” Entertainment Weekly said. ” And maybe they feel like they’re not the only ones going through or dealing with what they’re dealing with .”

The 'Euphoria' and Zendaya is not at all a glorification of drugs

And I couldn’t agree more. It is true that Rue has been consuming without brakes since the beginning of the new season and that in all the episodes we witness various characters playing background. But also that now, with the end of the sixth episode, the light is seen at the end of the tunnel. However, Zendaya already said it several weeks ago: Euphoria is not a series for teenagers, no matter how much it is carried out by characters of educational age. And his story is not based on the desire to glorify the modern era of youth, but rather on the portrait that its creator wants to portray to the world after living through addiction as a teenager. Sam Levinson recounted that he spent most of his youthful years in and out of hospitals, rehab centers, and therapy homes. “ He was a drug addict, he was capable of taking anything until he could not hear, breathe or feel,” he said in 2019 according to what he collected variety.

As usual, the series was a trend on Twitter, both in Spain and in other parts of the world, after the premiere of the new episode on HBO Max. Viewers wanted to comment and express their feelings after witnessing an episode that allows them to see some light. Because despite the darkness of the narrative arc, the series opens a door for his character despite the resistance, with a message that speaks of hope represented by those loved ones who reach out.

Euphoria does not glorify teenage drug use. Not emotional manipulation, gaslighting, or the internal consumption of low self-esteem, but crudely exposes it in the form of a social slap. You can be alarmed, surprised, or let yourself be moved, but without a doubt, it does not leave you indifferent.


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