The eighth season of Game of Thrones will be the most expensive of all

The total amount will reach the level of a movie budget

Amid the carnage of "Game of Thrones" Season 7, fans have had a few moments to stand up and cheer.

It started as an experiment and today is a social and television phenomenon. Benioff and Weiss have become one of the most important figures in the industry thanks to “Game of Thrones”. The adaptation of George R.R. Martin has been dazzling millions of fans over the course of these seven seasons, and with that has been growing the audience, and HBO’s security. And is that the chain has not stopped increasing the budget of what are already the most expensive episodes of all television, reaching levels of quality similar to those of the big screen. The numbers shake her and the eighth and final season will be a new milestone in the history of the series.


For over a year still to see the last six episodes of “Game of Thrones,” preparations have already begun for one of the events of the decade. Both the scenes and those responsible for getting behind the scenes, are already organized to begin filming that will take place in different parts of the world at the same time. And it is precisely this, and the cache of actors that have been growing exponentially in popularity over time, which has caused HBO to spend the highest amount of money in the chain’s history to pay for the show.

Thanks to a Variety article that explores the obvious growth of the budgets of the different series that are released today, we can now know what the exact amount of dollars that will be spent to recreate the arrival of the White Walkers to Wintryland and the rest of West. HBO will have to invest 15 million dollars for each of the 6 episodes that make up the eighth season, which is a 50% increase over what has been seen this summer.

Jon Snow ©The Verge

If we consider that “Game of Thrones” generates tens of millions of dollars in profits each year, and that the merchandising and the different events that are organized almost double the greens, it is not surprising that the production of the episodes has reached levels cinematographic.

Fan-Fave 'Game Of Thrones' Director Behind THAT Episode, Confirmed For S8
Fan-Fave ‘Game Of Thrones’ Director Behind THAT Episode, Confirmed For S8 ©Pedestrian TV

There are now 6 million dollars per episode of the first season, and nobody knows what to expect with the 5 spin-offs that will continue to expand the legend of West for several more years.

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