Thalia and her secrets for getting rid of bat wings


Thalia reveals her strategy for getting rid of “bat wings” and having an impressive body after 50 years.

The notion that it is no longer possible to retain a physique like a Barbie doll beyond 50 years is incorrect, and singer Thalia is here to show it, as she is in her fifth decade of life and maintains in amazing physical form owing to these wonderful methods.


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1.dumbbell raises

Another workout he conducts frequently for the arms is elevations with a weight or dumbbell, which are performed in sets of 20 front elevations at chest height.


This exercise is very similar to the previous one in that weights are lifted from the bottom and moved up to the pecs. Similarly, it strives to elevate shabby and decrease slowly in order to maintain proper tension and avoid putting ourselves in danger of injury.


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Those who follow Thalia will have noted that the singer is spotted doing at least half an hour of aerobic or resistance workout every morning, usually jogging on the treadmill.

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