Tamara Báez’s strong complaints to L-Gante while she was in Spain: what happened to her

Tamara Baez
Tamara Baez

Tamara Báez launched a tremendous invoice pass to L-Gante, who is still in Spain due to work commitments.

Although they are still separated as a couple, L-Gante and Tamara Báez recovered the good vibes, after several months of conflicts, claims and various reproaches, with a daughter in the middle.
Tamara Báez posteó una inquietante foto en la que en el fondo se ve una  puerta

However, they managed to return to the path of good harmony and today they are getting along very well, something that can be seen in recent weeks by their publications on social networks.

In this context, Tamara Báez made an unusual bill pass to L-Gante on Instagram, where she shared the capture of a conversation in which she makes a claim made up as a joke.

Tamara Baez - Infobae
It is that Tamara Báez went to visit the grandmother of the cumbia singer 420, on the occasion of her birthday. In this way, between the two they sent a message to L-Gante , who is still in Spain due to his work commitments.

At one point in the conversation, the musician sent an audio to her grandmother, greeting her, but her response did not seem to satisfy him. “Thank you, che,” wrote her grandmother. “Ah, cutting,” he replied. As Tamara Báez

Revés judicial contra L-Gante tras la fuerte denuncia de Tamara Báez - LA  NACION

revealed in the same capture, the grandmother’s anger was related to the fact that the young influencer had told her that her grandson had not gone on a tour of Europe, but was with another woman.

“We don’t love you, I told him that you left with another,” Tamara Báez explained to L-Gante in the conversation via WhatsApp. There, the singer’s response was not wasted either. “Look! Now I’m going to send her the photo of you and…”, he told her, while she covered the other name.
Por primera vez, Tamara Báez, la ex de L-Gante, se mostró como muchos la  querían ver | Minuto Argentina

It must be remembered that Tamara Báez confessed that she had an invitation from L-Gante to travel to Europe with him, but she said that she did not travel because she simply did not feel like it. Despite this, they are having a very good time, even if they are still apart.

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