Sugey Abrego and Ninel Conde build a bridge with clothing for people who go the extra mile

Sugey Abrego
Sugey Abrego

Both amazed Instagram fans with distinctive clothes to enjoy the holiday bridge, excellent fashion examples. Sugey abrego and Ninel Conde, both famous beauty, start the vacation bridge in style, sporting out-of-the-ordinary costumes.

The celebs posted photographs on their official Instagram accounts indicating that they are ready to wow everyone this season, when many others are already enjoying the beach and free time. These solutions are ideal for people who wish to appear their best no matter where they go.


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Sugey Abrego took advantage of the occasion to share one of his latest photo shoots in a professional photo studio. In her portrait, she is seen resting on an outstanding chair that is outfitted with an embroidered dress, stockings, boots, and even feathered shoulder pads.

This unique costume drew the attention of hundreds of Internet users who were surprised to see something like this on her. Her post has already received over 14,000 likes and a big number of comments from her devoted followers as well as some other celebrities who commended her on the high quality of her delivery.


Sugey Abrego, luce espectacular en lencería negra (Foto) - México Ya


Ninel Conde, for her part, displayed her excellent physique, which she has attained with a lot of attention and effort in the gym, a balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

She is wearing a brightly colored wrap-behind-the-neck top in the snap, which she thinks is ideal for enjoying the weekend. Furthermore, she wears a gleaming silver skirt, which added the icing on the cake and made all netizens who saw her fall in love.


Ninel Conde eleva la temperatura posando escotado y entallado vestido  frente al espejo: FOTO – Es de Latino News


This is not the first time these two celebrities have displayed an interest in fashion and trends. On other instances, they have stated that they like to be fashionable in terms of dress and accessories. Furthermore, they understand how to choose what looks best on them and how to blend outfits to achieve a fantastic style.

Despite their diverse styles, both superstars demonstrate that they know how to make an impression with their attire. They have picked bold and uncommon clothing for this event in order to stand out during the festive season.


Sugey Abrego lanzará una “experiencia sensorial” íntima en realidad virtual  - Infobae


Sugey Abrego and Ninel Conde have captured the attention of their followers and have won appreciation for their distinct style as well as the clothes they wore to appear magnificent on this bridge.

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