Stephen King and the scary new trailer for The Children of the Corn

The Children of the Corn
The Children of the Corn

Yesterday, the horrifying trailer for the new rendition of Stephen King’s story ‘Children of the Corn‘ was revealed.

The horrifying trailer for the new rendition of ‘Children of the Corn,’ a novella by Stephen King that is surely greatly awaited by fans, was recently unveiled.

Why Children of the Corn Needed The Short Story's Dark Original Ending

The truth is that a new rendition of Stephen King’s renowned horror story ‘Children of the Corn’ has made quite a ruckus.

The story, which is about a doctor and his wife’s trip that is interrupted when the couple finds the body of a child on the road and tries to call the police and ends up in a village where young worshipers of a macabre cult perform human sacrifices, has left the same impression since it was released in 1984.

Children of the Corn' Wraps Coronavirus-Defying Shoot In Australia - Variety

Stephen King is a well-known American author of horror, supernatural fiction, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy novels.

His books have sold over 350 million copies worldwide, and the most of them have been adapted for film and television.

Among his other works are 64 novels, eleven collections of short stories and novellas, seven non-fiction volumes, and a film script.

Scorned by critics and literary scholars for being a commercial author, Stephen King’s work has received increased attention during the 1990s, but some of those circles continue to dismiss his writings.

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