Soledad Pastorutti’s most recent series of images captured everyone’s attention

Soledad Pastorutti
Soledad Pastorutti

The Arequito singer understands how to capture everyone’s attention on social media. Soledad Pastorutti performed at Tandil’s Bicentennial celebrations with her songs. She left everything on stage, as she always did in her presentations, and the crowd was captivated.

She spent a few moments after her presentation to chat with the journalists present and said: “It is a wonderful honour and duty to be picked as the artist to commemorate 200 years. It is a very rare number. I assume that in all of the commissions, you start to see who to bring, and to get around all of that, it’s something pleasant “.


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“Tandil is a city that has been extremely devoted to me over the years, I like how we understand each other with the people, and today I loved it a lot,” La Sole said.

Many spectators could be heard yelling his name throughout the news conference. “It’s difficult for me to believe. I wouldn’t get on stage if I didn’t feel like an artist; I have an artist’s ego.


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But I find it difficult to believe; I’ve been doing this for so long, I started so low, and it’s still extremely valid. The most challenging aspect, especially in this day of music, is validity. I believe it has a lot to do with going across the country, city by city, which allows me to be close to the people “explained the Arequito singer.

“I put on a show for the entire world for a festival or a show like this, when it’s not just my specific audience that comes to see me. I want him to hum some of the songs and not be bored, even though he has never heard any of my records. I’ve always thought of the general public. I’m a well-known artist, and I owe it to my fans “Pastorutti elaborated.


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La Sole is quite active on Instagram and daily publishes fresh material that, like her recitals, enchants her followers. She then posted a series of images of herself sitting on the floor, which received a lot of attention. “I’m here to help you. More mate, more song “Along with the photographs, she wrote.

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