Snoop Dogg: Gave an increase to the employee who twists his cigarettes – The 50-year-old rapper is open-handed

The annual salary is estimated at around $ 50,000

chronic snoop
chronic snoop

Snoop Dogg is widely known for two things, his music and his love for marijuana. With a fortune estimated at $ 150 million, the American artist and producer decided a few years ago to hire a man to… untie his arms and take care of… supply him whenever he needs it, as in the recent Super Bowl, where… “erupted” just before going on stage.

According to the information that has become known around the subject, the “whenever” is literal, with the employee following Snoop Dogg on his tours and travels in general, but also enjoying all the privileges that he can enjoy next to a such a big name, such as free clothes from his employer collaborations, private events but also γματα plows with other big names in the specific industry and not only. Of course, these trips and privileges are not included in his salary, but they are extras that come straight out of the singer’s pocket.

The revelation was made about three years ago by Snoop Dogg himself, when he was invited to a show with actor and director Seth Rogen, with the latter confirming what his neighbor said, saying that he had seen him. an employee with his eyes training in turning marijuana cigarettes with the 50-year-old rapper.

It was then known that the man’s salary is 40,000 to 50,000 dollars, which means that he receives 3,400 to 4,200 dollars a month. Uber Facts, a company with social media accounts from which it provides random information on various issues of the planet to its followers, also stayed there and started with this.

” Snoop Dogg has a full-time employee who rolls in marijuana cigarettes and makes about $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 a year,” wrote Uber Facts, drawing the attention of Snoop Dogg, who took the time to respond. to νέο cause a new wave of jealousy in those who do not have similar luck or are struggling for a living, writing that now the employee is paid even better!

“We have inflation. The salary has increased “, wrote the American rapper, and the comments on his official Twitter account caught fire, with the users of the website either making fun of the event or posting their… creations to convince the former that they are also worth it. a place in his living room.

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