Sebastián Yatra tells how many intimate interactions he had had in a month after trips with Aitana

Sebastian Yatra
Sebastian Yatra

For the previous month, the Colombian singer decided to be open about a variety of topics, including how frequently he has gone to bed with someone.

Sebastián Yatra, a Colombian singer-songwriter, has recently been promoting his most recent hit, Una noche sin pensar. With this song, the artist has given interviews on many programmes and discussed various elements of his life, even on the most personal level.

In fact, in relation to his recent participation in the Movistar+ programme La Resistencia, the famous man, who was recently captured on party nights in various European countries with the Spanish singer-songwriter Aitana, has now opened up about various personal aspects such as how many sexual relations he has maintained in the last month.


“I lost count (how many sexual relations I have had in the last 30 days). I don’t have an account”, before the answer, the presenter tried to investigate a little more by asking “At what point of the month did you lose the account?”, to which Sebastián smiled and said “no lies, no, no, I don’t know more than What day of the month is today?… in the last month of around twenty-something,” he confessed.”

Several were surprised when Yatra appeared, not holding back and even taking erroneous steps that led to him falling on stage while attempting to intercept a football ball in the air. Among the highlights of this conversation is when the guest asked Colombian singer and broadcaster David Broncano if he wanted to appear in one of his upcoming video clips, to which he replied emphatically “Yes.”

But the frosting on the cake was delivered by Brocano when he threw the interpreter of Tacones Rojos the two questions that cannot be omitted in La Resistencia , which are: “How many sexual encounters have you had in the last month?” and how much money do you have?

In this sense, the friend of Lele Pons and Guaynaa requested that the question be repeated, attempting to be as sincere as his chivalry permitted. Before that, David Broncano told him that he thought coitus would mean one point and masturbation would imply 0.2 of a point.

Para Tini o para Aitana? Las palabras de Sebastián Yatra sobre la  destinataria de 'Cristina' - Cadena Dial

Thus the Colombian singer-pretty songwriter’s revealing piece of information begs the question of whether it is based on data with his purported sentimental companion Aitana, or whether it is an open relationship that allows others to intervene.

In this way, the Colombian singer has exposed rather personal aspects of his sexual life, and without a doubt, his fans have been astonished because they have clearly discovered that he is a famous person who enjoys life to the fullest while still in his youth.

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