Pirates of the Caribbean: Who is the Redd Pirate, the possible replacement of Johnny Depp

Pirates Of The Caribbean

A few days ago confirmed the return of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, however, is still in doubt who would be the replacement of Jack Sparrow, who would not be the protagonist of the film.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is back, said Sean Bailey in a press release, president of live-action productions at The Walt Disney Studios. However, the big surprise for the fans of the film was that Disney decided to stop working with Johnny Depp, so that Jack Sparrow would no longer be there.

Although, the company did not give explanations on the absence of Depp in the tape, it transpired that they would not count on him again because of the controversies that have been created around his private life. As you remember, the actor was reporting for domestic violence for his ex-wife.

To this is added, that when the actor was part of ‘Fantastic Animals: The Grindelwald Crimes’, the audience criticized the company very much, to such an extent that the fans asked J.K. Rowling to dismiss Depp from the project.

Following all this situation, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who will work on the script of the new film, sought the replacement of Jack Sparrow, and as it transpired, would be the pirate Redd.


Who is the Redd pirate?
During the first months of 2018, the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction located in Disneyland was closed for remodeling, it was only in June that the public was able to enjoy the place again. But, the surprise was the presence of a new character, who would be the pirate Redd.

Unlike other occasions, the presence of a woman does not have a negative meaning, but on the contrary, Redd, who would be the leader, accompanied by other women, were in charge of gathering food and goods. Could it be that Disney already had the replacement ready Jack Sparrow for a few months?


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