Pedro Fernández’s marital issues are caused by Marjorie de Sousa

Marjorie de Sousa
Marjorie de Sousa

It was reported ten years after the debut of the telenovela ‘Hasta el end del mundo’ that the presence of Marjorie de Sousa caused complications in Pedro Fernández’s marriage.

About ten years after the launch of Televisa’s ‘Hasta el end del mundo,’ it has been reported that the presence of the gorgeous actress Marjorie de Sousa caused problems in her co-star Pedro Fernández’s marriage.

“Name, imagine… when they attacked me… horrible, that’s why I talk about the fact that she was an intelligent woman because if she were someone else, I think she would have come out to say and defend herself in a different way,” he declared.”

In a recent press conference, the singer admitted that his wife had a difficult time during her participation in the production due to the suspicions that circulated about the Venezuelan celebrity.

And it is this situation that drove him to abandon the main role, because he did not want to continue feeding the preconceptions of having a connection with Marjorie de Sousa outside of work.

Marjorie de Sousa1

“She has been a strong woman, an intelligent woman who has tried to understand, it is not easy to live the lifestyle that we artists have, the absences, the tours, the gossip that later is not true, but for now Soon he sows a little seed there, and they put you in an 11-yard shirt for the next 72 hours,” he went on to say.

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