Pandora Kaaki’s colorful swimsuit that put her in everyone’s sights

Great in summer clothes, the Filipino-Lebanese model gladly showed off her look in the pool and drew the gazes of locals and strangers

Pandora Kaaki causes a sensation on Instagram with her open robe e1654367079301
Pandora Kaaki causes a sensation on Instagram with her open robe e1654367079301

Like a true goddess of water, Pandora Kaaki gets a standing ovation from her fervent admirers, after surprising herself with a colorful swimsuit with a tied band-aid and showing that there is no age to look splendid just a few days before the start of spring.

The famous model, only 23 years old, has been on-trend in recent weeks after she returned from a well-deserved vacation, as a good influencer she kept her cell phone in her hand, so she took the opportunity to disconnect a little.

Through her official Instagram account, Pandora Kaaki shared with her ardent admirers a postcard in which she comes out of the pool water and reveals that fantastic swimsuit full of colors while holding on to one of the metal stairs and with extensive vegetation in the background giving that natural touch to the photograph.

So the model showed that any type of swimsuit is worthy of admiration, putting in the trend of that style of tied band-aid that seems that it could almost come loose, however, being attached it still has enough strength to support the weight.

It was through her Instagram stories that the influencer took the opportunity to share a moment of the day, living on an island, the weather during the day makes it pleasant to dive into the pool, so the reactions did not take long to arrive as they already are common red hearts.

Kaaki is one of the women who has used social networks in her favor, this time it was no different and that is how she gains more and more followers even when she takes time off.

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