“Me Caigo de Risa” confirms the eighth season: When does it premiere and who is part of the cast?

Yes, as you read it, the dysfunctional family shared through social networks that they missed their fans and were eager to return to the Televisa program.

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The wait is over! The eighth season of the show “Me caigo de laughter” in English “I Fall Out Of Laughter ” will return next year.

Yes, as you read it, the dysfunctional family shared through social networks that they missed their fans and were eager to return to the Televisa program.

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We miss them very much, we miss their messages, their videos, that they comment on the games in networks and that they share our videos,” said through a video Faisy, Mariana, Mariazel, Yurem, Margaleff, Jessica, Gaby, Ari, Poncho Borbolla, Michelle , Fastlicht, El Guana, Regina Blandón, Salame, Jerry and Armando.


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Through his Instagram profile, the host of “Me caigo de laughter” revealed that the premiere date of this season will be in January 2022.

The program will be broadcast on Channel 5 from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 p.m. CDMX.

Recall that during the recordings of season number seven, several of the comedians were infected with Covid-19.

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The last time it was broadcast was in May 2020 and it was thought that there would be no more programs because Faisy said in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda that he was tired of driving, because he always had to be happy.

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“In that season I gave up I fall down laughing, I was very tired, it was a lot of pressure, it was the two and a half-hour program, it is a very difficult program to carry. Maybe people don’t realize it, but I have my director, Mauricio Castillo, in one hearing aid, in the other I have Lalo Suárez, I have a prompter, I have a live audience, the cast, the guests.

“Improvising all of that is very exhausting in a two-hour program at the pace we are doing. Is very tired. I was no longer having fun. We had the tour, ”said the driver.

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