Mati Khalifa, Mia’s sister, showed her new look with a photo on the verge of censorship

Mati Khalifa 1
Mati Khalifa 1

The youngest of the Khalifa was surprised by a radical change and showed it with a playful outfit.

Mati Khalifa has become one of the most important influencers and with the greatest reach during 2021. Is that she now accumulates a total of 2.3 million on her Instagram account.

The model often shares photos on the verge of censorship and wearing different looks, some of which could be considered types of cosplayers of famous characters.

But the styles that most often generate reactions on their social networks are those where a change of look is detailed, as was the case that happened in the last few hours.

Mia Khalifa’s younger sister posed with new hair colour: she dyed her hair pink and celebrated with a photo wearing a top with a deep neckline that garnered hundreds of “likes” among her followers.

Mati Khalifa and his relationship with Mia

The model became known to the world after assuring that she was the younger sister of the adult film actress, Mia Khalifa.

Her posts began to gain relevance, especially in December 2020. However, there has not yet been a confirmation from Mia that she points out whether Mati is her sister or not.

Still, the sum that the youngest Khalifa maintains is small compared to that of the famous adult film actress, who accumulates 26.6 million followers on the social network.

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