Martha Stewart is waiting for her friends to die so she can go out with her husband

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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart

If the ‘Grace Frankie’ series has shown the world anything, it’s that a person’s love or sex life doesn’t end after 80. Businesswoman and cooking guru Martha Stewart, for example, is still interested in finding a boyfriend and is dating often, although luck rarely smiles on him.

In the last month, the businesswoman has fallen in love with two different men. One of them, in particular, seems to him as attractive as charming, but unfortunately, he can not do anything about it because he is married to the mother of a good acquaintance of his.

Her big problem is that she only meets men through her circle of friends, and in the vast majority of cases it is their husbands. Deep down, she hasn’t been short of opportunities to start a secret romance with one of them, but that’s a line she’s not willing to cross.

Martha Stewart Makes Wild Comments On Her Friends Dying So She Can Date  Their Husbands – Outkick

“She has never been a home wrecker, ever. And I have tried my best not to be even though she may have been. And I never accepted it,” she lamented on the ‘Dear Chelsea’ podcast.

However, there is a potential loophole in that moral code that prevents her from standing between a marriage. Although she is not willing to become ‘the other one’, what she wouldn’t mind in the least is going out with a widower. In fact, she can’t help but fantasize about the passing of some of her acquaintances because she knows her husband would be a great catch.

“They may die. I often think: ‘My God, why can’t that person die?’

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