Lyna Pérez models her transparent lace underwear from a swing

LYNA 3 1
LYNA 3 1

A few days ago, Lyna Pérez accelerated the hearts of her Instagram followers, after posting 3 snapshots with very few clothes.

On this occasion, the American decided to model from a swing, so in the first image, we can see her sitting on her back, exposing her great rear.

Lyna 4 1 | Geekybar
Lyna Pérez

For the second postcard, Lyna appears from the front, giving us a beautiful smile, and witnessing her great charms, beautifully accentuated by her striking transparent lace underwear.

Finally, the influencer positions herself in profile, exposing her sensational figure, while staring into the camera, causing a great sensation.

Within her post, the socialite leaves us a description in which we can read “Mommy … I’m sorry“, followed by the emoticon of a little face sticking out its tongue with its eyes closed.

So far, Pérez’s publication has exceeded 350 thousand likes, in addition to the comment box being full of compliments from her fans.

Lyna 5 | Geekybar
Lyna Pérez



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