Loki, season 2: director will not make the continuation of the series

The success of the show surpassed the expectations of Disney Plus. Fans could not have foreseen the showrunner’s decision.

Loki, Marvel Studios’ third series for Disney Plus, ended its first season and fans couldn’t be more excited about the repercussions of the events in phase 4 of the MCU. Now, the multiverse has become the main attraction of the franchise.

With all the success of the show, what no fan would have imagined is that Kate Herron has left the address. These were his statements about it for Deadline magazine:

“I always planned to be alone for this season, and to be honest, season 2 was not in the pipeline. That’s something that just came out and I’m very excited. ”

“I’m very happy to see him as a fan for the next installment. I am proud of what we did here and I have given it my all. I’m working on some other things that haven’t been announced yet. ”

Tom Hiddleston and his thank you message
Through the series’ Twitter account, Tom Hiddleston addressed fans and thanked them for the great reception the production had and indicated that there are more adventures for the character in the future.

What can we expect from Loki, season 2?
The release date has not yet been made official by Marvel Studios or Disney Plus, but the second season is already in pre-production. Now, fans wonder what will happen to the protagonist in this new world where no one recognizes him and Kang is the possible great villain

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Loki: multiverse unleashed in the MCU is emerging in a big way