Ways to stimulate the G-spot and P-spot in sexual encounter

Both points are key in female and male sexuality. Know where they are and how to stimulate these areas.

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The 95% of people with vulva can only achieve orgasm with clitoral stimulation , which has been gaining prominence that it did not before. However, inside the vagina there are also areas that can bring a lot of pleasure, such as the so-called G-spot . It is important to note that paying attention to this space does not mean that it replaces clitoral stimulation, but that it can add to it.

Meanwhile, for people with a penis there is also an area that intensifies pleasure, which is called the P point , and is not usually stimulated by prejudices built around male sexuality . The sexologist and psychologist Cecilia Ce detailed to Infobae where exactly both points are located and the ways to touch them.

G-spot stimulation
“The G-spot is a rough area that is located in the first third of the vaginal cavity on the anterior wall, that is, the wall closest to the navel,” the specialist details. This is located just about three centimeters from the vaginal opening, so it is not necessary to penetrate very deep, in addition, it responds positively to manual stimulation.

To begin with, the person must already be aroused, it can be through kisses, erotic massages, manual stimulation or oral sex . “The most comfortable position to locate the G-spot is while lying on your back, or semi-sitting, with your legs semi-bent. It is advisable to place the hand in the shape of a claw, since the main movement is carried out by the fingers and not so much by the hand itself ”, he explains.

That is, the movement inside-outside is not necessary, but the finger (s) must enter the vaginal cavity with the palm of the hand facing up to perform a “come” movementwhile pressing the area. The vulva can be stimulated at the same time.

It is often the case that G-spot stimulation is accompanied by a strong urge to urinate because the urethra is stimulated indirectly. “The important thing is to be in confidence, comfortable and surrender to the sensations, give time to enjoyment and allow us to experience a possibly more intense orgasm”, highlights the sexologist.

P-point stimulation
Meanwhile, the P-point is what is known as the male G-point . This responds to direct stimulation of the prostate , about two inches entering through the anus.

It is a point that produces great pleasure because it adds the stimulation of a nerve pathway other than that of the penis and testicles, and generates an increase in sensations and a more intense orgasm .

“The only thing that keeps men from exploring this source of pleasure is prejudice. Anal stimulation has been mistakenly associated with homosexuality.So let’s clarify that sexual practices do not define sexual orientation. As a man, I can feel attracted to anal stimulation carried out by a woman or I can do it myself ”, asserts the expert.

Cecilia Ce explains that the most comfortable way to stimulate the prostate is when the person is lying on his back with the legs semi bent, and this should go from less to more. In this case it is also important to be in a high degree of excitement.

The use of a lubricant is very important , since the anus does not have its own lubrication and it is the only way to avoid discomfort. “We are going to go forward and up in search of the prostate, that is, towards the anterior wall near the navel. We may be able to recognize a walnut-shaped bump. What we are going to do is gently stimulate the prostate by massaging in circles and exerting slight pressure ”, he emphasizes.

In this case, it is also recommended to accompany the stimulation of the penis, so that the body is relaxed and thus let go.

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