Livia Brito stands out in her best beach attire

Livia Britooo
Livia Britooo

Livia Brito, a Cuban television actress, not only dazzles with her beauty, but she also draws attention with her best beach costumes.

The stunning actress, who established her career in Mexican soap operas with plays such as “Triunfo del Amor” in 2010 and “La Piloto” (2017-2018), draws attention with her best beach clothes.

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The faithful assiduous to the world of social networks has revealed some of her greatest clothes from the beach where the Cuban woman has accumulated limitless admiration and sighs via her publications.

Livia Brito leaves people breathless with typically two-piece ensembles and usually in light colours like white or silver when on her little excursions to one of her favourite spots, revealing her modern style.


Livia Britoo

One of her fans’ favourites was a set to which the protagonist of “Nobody’s Woman” added a net garment on top while ignoring the white set that was the star of one of her previous sessions.

Similarly, ” La Desalmada ” won hearts in another of the photos in which she walked along the beach in a small outfit that she paired with a bathing suit in the same colour that covered her figure a little more while the actress, who has worked on films such as ” The Postman,” among others, played with the sand.

Livia Brito 3

Another look that Livia Brito Pestana has fallen in love with her 7.6 million subscribers is one in silver, and with which the frequent exerciser and alo yoga model has been able to boast of a slender and marked body, garnering an unending amount of accolades.

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