Livia Brito, dressed in a red sports attire, flaunts a prominent abdomen

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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With Thin Panties Livia Brito Poses From The Pool. Instagram Photo Livia Brito
With thin panties Livia Brito poses from the pool. Instagram photo Livia Brito

With a huge smile on her face and a marked abdomen, the television actress does not need much to capture hearts while modeling a red dress that highlights Livia Brito‘s form.

Fans of the translator of “La Desalmada” and “Mujer de nadie” have named her one of their favorites, and it is in each of her social media posts that the Havana-born woman delivers one and a thousand reasons to her more than 7 million Instagram followers.

It was in a recent publication that Livia Brito modeled a red sports uniform consisting of a top that displayed her flat belly, a matching white shirt, and a cap in the same tone as the blouse.

“Hoy elijo creer que las cosas son posibles, incluso cuando no sé cómo sucederán, escribió Livia Brito Pestana en la publicación.”

It should be noted that in recent years, the theatrical actress has focused on sharing more of her fitness lifestyle in works such as ” El Cartero “, etc. and other film projects, something that she exhibits step by step the effects that this has changed his appearance, as he reveals.

Livia Britoo

“You’re stunning,” “Divinaaa,” “Divinaaa”… “Believe it because whomever fights for it ultimately wins. Everything is possible with love and perseverance,” “My favorite actress,” may be observed in the reactions to the ” Cuban Revolution.” “.

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