Lis Vega spends Sunday at the beach, “taking away the sand.”

Lis Vega
Lis Vega

The lovely vedette Lis Vega enjoys Sunday sunbathing on Miami’s wonderful beaches with her gigantic beauties among the sand.

The lovely vedette Lis Vega, who is one of the best maintained television stars at the age of 40, has decided to spend her Sunday sunbathing at one of her favourite spots in the world.

Lis Vegaaa

The photographs were taken on one of her most recent travels to Miami, and the bright attire that showcased her great curves wowed everyone on social media.

Lis Vega chose a really appealing orange and blue beach suit for her fantasy silhouette for this event.

May life always take you where you are happy, vibrate beautifully, connect and be genuine,” the description reads.

“”On the sea, life and you are tastier!” “Such amazing images, Liz, how radiant!” “Do you want me to take away the gorgeous sand?” “Wowwww wonderful as always,” “In the sea the food is tastier!” “, are some of their most notable fan remarks.

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