Larissa Riquelme puts on a spectacular parade with her best leggings (Video)

The Paraguayan Larissa Riquelme left the social networks open-mouthed with a tremendous runway of her best leggings.

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Paraguay.- Larissa Riquelme does not lose her charm and every time she publishes something on her Instagram account it is to improve her last publication and this occasion was no exception. The Paraguayan showed that she has what to model a great variety of leggings of different colors and designs, all adjusted to her worked figure.

A couple of days ago, Larissa Riquelme shared a video on her Instagram account where given the choice of some of the leggings designs that best suit her figure, the 36-year-old model and influencer has nothing to envy the younger ones as It has been kept in great shape and this video proves it.

The combinations used by Larissa Riquelme are more for domestic use, staying at home enjoying a day of relaxation because the outfits were not suitable for an outing, but more to be comfortable to be resting.

Among all the leggings models that made the figure of Larissa Riquelme shine the most, they were the ones that had a more vivid color because the design embodied were some patterns that made a great optical effect helped by the natural curves of the Paraguayan model.

Larissa Riquelme puts on a spectacular parade with her best leggings (Video)
Larissa Riquelme beautiful as only she knows | Photo: Instagram Larissa Riquelme

And more than 28 thousand people can not be wrong with the publication of Larissa Riquelme who have given their best comments as chosen the best design for her, as for a possible purchase, “Beautiful black and white”, “Everything looks beautiful on you Larissa BELLA “,” Beautiful woman “and many other messages.

Larissa Riquelme is one of the women who continue to generate a lot of influence within her fans, beauty and great power of appeal is what makes brands continue to support the Paraguayan , because they know that they will find a profit thanks to her. But not only that has Larissa achieved, not long ago she was able to receive a certificate that endorsed her as part of the circle of sports journalists in Paraguay, remembering that it is thanks to sports that she was discovered worldwide.

The same fame that today has been ending as 11 years have passed since her appearance at the World Cup in South Africa, but Larissa Riquelme has managed to reinvent herself to stay within the taste of the fans who appreciate and support her in everything.

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