Alexa Collins shows her excellence in a swimsuit and transparent sarong

18h The beauty of the model builds an undoubtedly beautiful lady and that could be perceived when posing with a sarong and her cute bikini

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United States.- The charm and perfection of Alexa Collins stole the glances and hearts of her millions of followers on Instagram , for the way she settled among the strong rays of the rising sun in the city of Miami, Florida in the United States of America .

The bikini specialty model showed what it is to have such a high self-esteem and a fondness for bikinis as well as sarongs, that in her last post she recreated what it is to be a real lady and with enough veracity, to be described before the eyes of the planet as a being full of light and soul.

Raising her beautiful and soft arms towards the sky, Alexa Collins transformed all her photography into a work of art, for several reasons, the main one to flash all kinds of lights that reached the deepest part of the hearts of her followers, thanks to His gaze that mesmerized and at the same time amazed the entire internet.

Her next characteristic that, in a second, was exemplary to receive hundreds of delightful comments was her swimsuit combination and her transparent brown sarong, which made Collins reflect like a whole mermaid, standing in front and smiling from behind in a same point.

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Her silky brown hair was part of the festivity of colors that Alexa used to monopolize the spotlight on her social profile. Loose and reaching his perfect slim shoulders they generated that the likes appeared in a few minutes, and at the moment there are more than 500 thousand of them, along with 358 comments, flattering his person.

“My vibe at this time is just living life,” wrote the young model from the United States in her double folder of photos, with little garment in the streets of Florida, which detects that she is a whole lady, a full princess of love and an angel fallen from heaven.

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Alexa Collins maintains with sweetness, beauty and amazement all her 1.7 million fans who follow her presentation more closely, in each of the most beautiful places in the Stars and Stripes, be it on the beach, tourist sites or in the streets, turned into a queen with little clothing or with her elegant dresses that detail each of her original attributes.

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