Kim Kardashian in trouble for intimate date with Drake

Kim Kardashian In Trouble For 'Intimate Date' With Drake
Kim Kardashian in trouble for 'intimate date' with Drake ©The Inquisitr

Kim Kardashian wore a tiny bikini for her fans on Instagram and resumed rumors about an encounter with Drake, creator of the Kiki Challenge.

The businesswoman Kim Kardashian spent a Sunday on the beach with her family, wearing a tiny and phosphorescent bikini, but far from being a quiet day, the controversy over a clandestine meeting she had with Drake, the singer who virally returned the #Kiki Challenge with its theme ‘In My Feelings’.

While the socialite shared their videos on the beach and trampoline from their Instagram account, the TMZ portal revived rumors of a “fleeting encounter” between Kim and Drizzy.

As Kim Kardashian is reminded when asked about a past or extramarital relationship with the singer, he answered sharply: “It never happened. End of the story “, but according to the American media and guided by the theories of Internet users,” if there was something else “.

Apparently the song “In My Feelings” by Drake (which is a hit on YouTube) would reveal that this song would reveal more about the approach between Kim and the interpreter, based on sources close to the Kardashian family.

In this sense, they claim that Drake was the one who started with the rumor because of his topic where he refers to “Kiki”, as everyone knows that is the nickname that only the family of the businesswoman uses for her.

Another clue would be that the house of Drake and Kim are in the same neighborhood and in the letter says: “I crawled around the block, I turned right, I turned off the lights, I paid the price”.

At the moment, Drake has not mentioned anything about Kanye West’s wife and her possible “love affair”.


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