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Many K-Pop songs are called Hello and each of them has a completely different vibe. What are the best? Hello is a very popular name in K-Pop songs and although they share the same title, each of these tracks sounds very different from each other, especially since they have the characteristic touch of the groups that performed them. Do you want to see the difference between them?

If you are a fan of K-Pop, you surely love listening to all kinds of songs, especially when you discover that they are called the same as those of your favorite group. This  build  will show you singles that are called  Hello


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In Korean, the word Hello (hello) translates as annyeonghaseyo, a word that can be used as hello and goodbye. For this reason, K-Pop songs   with this name are not always happy or welcoming, sometimes they have sad goodbye lyrics.

For this reason, even if they are translated as Hello, they could hide a nostalgic touch and knowing what kind of song it is with just the title is a mystery. These songs are mostly from second generation K-Pop groups and you won’t be able to stop listening to them.


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K-Pop Songs Called Hello, You’ll Be Surprised How Different They Are

  • Hello the SHINee

Hello  is one of SHINee’s most popular songs, a romantic melody that talks about what it’s like to meet love for the first time, the confusion and excitement it produces in us, and the joy it brings to find the courage to pursue that love.
  • HELLO de Treasure

HELLO  by Treasure transports you to another universe when you start listening to it. This powerful melody talks about how you can feel lonely for a long time, but everything changes when you meet someone special and you wonder where that person has been all your life.

  • Hello from NU’EST

  • Hello Hello de F.T. Island

Hello Hello  by FT Island is a K-Rock tune that you play in your head over and over again. In this sad melody, he talks about how the word Annyeong in Korean, which used to mean hello, now means goodbye after saying goodbye to the person he loves and whom he doesn’t plan to get over no matter how many years pass.

  • Hello de Hello Venus

Hello  by Hello Venus has a powerful and empowering beat. Unlike the previous songs, this is an introduction tune, in which the members talk about who they are as a group and what they want to achieve, also showing off their vocal talents. What song do you like more?

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