Juanse tested positive for alcohol and his car was hijacked after his show at Luna Park

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Juanse Tested Positive For Alcohol
Juanse tested positive for alcohol

The musician Juanse, leader of the legendary rock band Los Ratones Paranoicos, suffered the kidnapping of his car and a fine for not passing a breathalyser control on Avenida Libertador, near the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, after celebrating his birthday last night. birthday with a concert at the Luna Park stadium.

Around 3 o’clock they were summoned by traffic agents from the City Police for aggressive behavior by Juanse, whose real name is Juan Sebastián Gutiérrez.

The musician had been upset because when performing a breathalyzer test, it gave him a positive of 0.76 milligrams per liter of blood, when the maximum allowed is 0.50, so the agents seized his car, a Ford Mustang.

Finally, in the presence of the police, an act was drawn up and the musician withdrew without inconvenience.

A few hours before, Juanse was at Luna Park giving a long recital of almost three hours to celebrate his 60th birthday, in which he played more than 30 songs, with guest artists such as Fabiana Cantilo, Litto Nebbia, Junior (from La 25) and Toti (Young Beggars).

The event was attended by 8,500 people who sold out the tickets and filled the stadium to sing all the songs, a string of hits by Ratones Paranoicos, and his solo career.

During the show he was very grateful to his audience, he remembered Maradona and even laughed at himself and his loquacity: “Do you want me to speak or play? Be careful, if I speak I play less… well, I do both! !” (NA, Clarin)

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