Jennifer Lopez’s hardest role to play

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Jennifer Lopez has starred in several movies during her career. However, there is one role that was very challenging.

If we talk about artists who are capable of doing everything and always surprise with their talent, we certainly cannot ignore Jennifer Lopez . Since she began her career, the singer and actress has not stopped surprising the public.

Not only does she make them fall in love with her voice and her sensual movements on stage, but she also showed that she can act and play different characters. So much so, that she has starred in different movies.

Jennifer Lopez'S Hardest Role To Play
Jennifer Lopez's Hardest Role To Play

And although all her roles were brought to perfection, there is one character in particular that was a challenge in her career. A role that forever marked her life and helped her become a star.

Selena Quintanilla, the role that most marked Jennifer Lopez
In March 1997, the biographical film of Selena Quintanilla was released , the successful singer who had died two years before the victim of a firearm attack by the president of her fan club. Said production starred Jennifer Lopez, becoming one of her most challenging and difficult roles to carry out. Although the actress was very talented, many people doubted her and did not want her in her role.

Greogory Nava , director of the film, assured that she was sure that the role should be played by the singer. In this way, he shrugged off the complaints and knew he was the perfect fit.

And she was not wrong! Although JLO had already worked in some productions as an actress, this movie was the most important thing she had done so far. Therefore, there were nerves and fears, mainly because she was putting herself in the shoes of a star loved by the public.

However, the film propelled her to the top of fame and helped her become the great artist she is today. “I am so proud of this movie! So proud to be a small part of Selena ‘s incredible legacy . When I was preparing for the role, I studied her tirelessly, every step, the movements of her fingers, her lips… her contagious laugh… her expressions”, she commented in a tribute to the actress.

For this work, Jennifer Lopez received a nomination for the 1998 Golden Globes in the category of Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. In addition, she helped her to understand as an artist and to free herself from it.

In an interview, he also revealed that thanks to Selena Quintanilla ‘s movie he discovered that he had a great talent for music in her veins. Back then, she was not very convinced to go ahead with singing. But, for years, she has been one of the most acclaimed singers in the world.

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