Indra Zuno and Amairani Romero, the beautiful villains of Marimar look like this 29 years after the novel

Amairani Romero
Amairani Romero

One of the most successful soap operas of all time is Marimar and its beautiful villains Indra Zuno and Amairani Romero that we remember at 29 years old. 

The legendary trilogy of the Marías by the talented Thalía had the story of ‘ Marimar ‘, left a mark on the audience as they are fondly remembered melodramas, at the time they were widely accepted by the public, and became a classic .
Marimar: ¿qué pasó con Amairani/Natalia Montenegro en la telenovela de  Thalía? | Telenovelas nnda nnlt | FAMA | MAG.

One of the most remembered is the costeñita ‘ Marimar ‘ that 29 years after the novel is still in the hearts of the public and that is currently broadcast on the Indra Zuno Stars Channel and Amairani Romero, the beautiful villains of fiction, appear.

Almost three decades have passed since the story that captivated the entire television audience, now this is how they look 29 years after the novel , the cruel, evil and ruthless villains who made the lives of more than one square, with an evil that does not had limits.


Qué fue de Amairani Romero tras interpretar a la malvada Natalia en  'Marimar'?


endearing villains

Apart from the beautiful protagonist, the melodrama had a great talented cast in its cast such as Chantal Andere and Eduardo Capetillo who completed the shortlist in the melodrama but there were other villains who did their thing.

Like the beautiful Indra Zuno and Amairani Romero who played Inocencia del Castillo and Natalia Montenegro respectively and who, whenever they could, made life impossible for the most famous costeñita on the screen, who captivated an entire generation.


Así luce ahora Indra Zuno, quien dio vida a Inocencia en "Marimar"


Both extremely beautiful and talented actresses who, 29 years after the novel ‘Marimar’, still look just as beautiful, but perhaps they are no longer so close to the middle of the show, unlike other colleagues such as Eduardo Capetillo or Thalía herself.\

The actress Indra Zuno left acting for another of her greatest passions, which is writing, and currently lives in the United States, where she enjoys a very different life away from television forums where she retains an enviable beauty, to show the images she shares on networks.


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The actress Amairani Romero participated in one of her last performances in ‘Corona de lágrimas’ together with the talent of actors such as Queen Victoria Ruffo, Maribel Guardia and África Zavala, where she boasts great performances on the small screen.

In 2018, she participated in the novel ‘Like la leyenda’, where she plays María Inés, the mother of María Asunción del Dulce Nombre, since her beauty and talent have opened countless doors for her throughout her long artistic career.


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