In The Last of Us, how do Bill and Frank pass away?

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Bill And Frank
Bill and Frank

Although HBO‘s The Last of Us has received accolades for faithfully adapting its source material, Episode Three’s one small modification is the finest one thus far.

The detour of an episode centers on two people who meet and fall in love in the middle of a worldwide disaster and solely features Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman as its two primary players.

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Despite their infatuation, the two men’s early connection was significantly different from what we see in the series. Bill (Offerman) is a survivist in the video game who has spent his entire life preparing for the end of the world. He runs a little, remote village that he and his business partner, Frank (Bartlett), have carved out for themselves.

However, after a fight, Frank departs, and things start to go south. After being bitten by a large group of afflicted people, he hangs himself to prevent contracting the cordyceps illness.

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In the third episode, the program makes a minor but significant change, expanding the definition of “partner” to include relationships other than employment. Together as romantic partners, Frank and Bill reside in the town, and they (usually) have a great time surviving the end of the world.

None of this hanging yourself and fighting stuff. Instead, they cook delicious meals for Joel, grow strawberries, paint, and create their own private haven amidst the bustle. Finally, Bill and Frank make sure to avoid any infected mushroom zombies.

Bill Played By Nick Offerman | Official Website For The Hbo Series

Director Peter Hoar told Esquire, “You meet Bill in the game as you’re rushing through survival, killing clickers, and all the rest of it… This man hanging from the rafters is dubbed his companion, Frank.

“And I recall that I didn’t fully grasp that when I played it. Partner, I didn’t think. It must be his lover, I see. I just considered a business partner… Though growing up as a homosexual guy, I sometimes feel that such things are a ruse and I shouldn’t admit to seeing them because someone will say, “No, don’t admit it.” However, I think the speed is so relentless that you don’t really take it in.

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Avoid catching him. I guess I just kept playing the game after that. Really, it’s nothing in the grand scheme of the game. Then Craig [Mazin], the showrunner, says, “I simply want to explode that bit.” I wish to share the narrative.

Hoar continued, “I think [The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann] listens. Neil is aware of his strategy. He is aware of his audience. And I believe he likely believed that he had unintentionally opened up some opportunities for gaming.

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Perhaps he then reasoned, “Let’s talk about characters you don’t usually see, Bill being one of them. Without a sure, the story improved dramatically in Episode Three, and I’d watch an entire spin-off series about Bill and Frank simply residing in their small town together any day of the week.


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