Freezing temperatures in (almost) all of Germany, in some cases there was even the snow for Christmas, which many had longed for. No reason for our celebrities to dress warm under the Christmas tree.

Sylvie Meis 43 Poses In Black Lace

On the contrary! Next to and in front of the festively decorated fir trees it was really hot this year!

“Less is more” was the motto this year. Not only for women …

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Sylvie Meis takes a deep look in front of the white Christmas tree

Moderator and influencer Sylvie Meis (43) always knows how to excite her followers with classic, but still provocative looks.

For this year’s Christmas party, the 43-year-old wowed in a daring, deeply decollete, long black lace dress. Bright red lips and a lascivious look rounded off the look.

Probably not only husband Niclas Castello (43) was happy about the sight.

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Influencer Samantha – Too Hot for the Christ Child?

Influencer Samantha Abdul (31) left little room for imagination at Christmas . The budding tattoo artist posed in front of her Christmas tree in a two-piece mini dress.

As we can see – there was no space for underwear in the slit dress.

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Alena Gerber – “the little Swabian Santa Claus”

Model Alena Gerber (32) also presented her slim body largely without a shell for Christmas despite the snow.

Wearing a tight red bikini, including a Santa Claus hat, “the little Swabian Santa Claus” wished his followers a merry Christmas.

Hanna Secret shows as much as possible

If anyone knows how to best present oneself in a sexy way, then it is porn star Hanna Secret (25). The 25-year-old took a seat in the cutting seat, wearing only panties, a bra and a transparent top adorned with sparkling stones.

Your “step” was covered by a Christmas package in accordance with Instagram.

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Janina Youssefian presents her gifts

Janina Youssefian (39) is rarely seen on Instagram in more clothes than a pair of hot lingerie.

The Bohlen -Ex, better known as “Carpet Slut”, of course didn’t ruffle Christmas either, unpacked her seductive red lingerie and wished her followers a “Merry Christmas” with this sight.

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Lifeguard Till Adam flexes his muscles

The multiple dating show candidate and lifeguard Till Adam (33) is finally happily forgiven again. After a mud fight with ex-girlfriend Hanna accompanied by the media , he is now back on cloud nine.

His well-toned body isn’t just for his new girlfriend to admire. Its 76,800 followers also enjoyed Christmas.

With a pointed cap on his head, otherwise “topless”, the 33-year-old wished a Merry Christmas. “Sexy”, find his fans.


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Claudia Obert lies down next to the Christmas presents

Trash TV icon Claudia Obert (60) also tried very hard for the party and was photographed right

away, lying next to a selection of Christmas presents.

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Even if the result was a little fuzzy, it may be more due to the camera than to the 60-year-old herself.

What do you think?


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