Heidi Klum attended the 2023 Fashion Trust Awards with a dress that resembled liquid metal

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum

It’s bizarre, but I’m obsessed. Heidi Klum made a big impression on the red carpet at the Fashion Trust Awards this weekend.

She arrived in a silver Kate Barton gown that hung in such a way that it appeared to be liquid metal on her skin. The dress has spaghetti straps and a metallic belt at the waist. Heidi accessorized with massive rings, silver shoes, and smudgy black eye makeup.

Heidi Klum Gleams in Liquid Metal Dress at Fashion Trust Awards 2023 – WWD

But it was her purse, which resembled a bowl you’d get if you had a pet goldfish, that drew my attention. I’m not kidding – you can see it right here, complete with a little plastic fish inside.

Heidi also shared a closer look at the gown on Instagram while writing about her experience at the award event, which was the first of its kind, according to Vogue.

Heidi Klum Glitters in a Gold Gown on the 2023 Grammys Red Carpet

“Last night at #FTUS2023,” she captioned a red carpet photo. “Thank you for shedding light on all of the new and exciting talent in the fashion business, @fashiontrustus. So motivating.”

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Anybody who follows Heidi knows that this isn’t the first time she’s made a fashion statement. Last year, she wore an outfit that resembled running water to the opening of Avatar: The Way of Water…

And then there was the worm costume she wore for Halloween… I could go on, but the point is, she never, ever misses! And I’m excited to see what she does next!

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